A.C.I Accreditation

Lighthouse Baptist Academy is fully accredited by The Accrediting Commission International Inc. By being accredited, Lighthouse Baptist Academy voluntarily participates in an on going evaluation and improvement program that is monitored by educational experts throughout the State of Alabama.

Accreditation Objectives

From the preparations for our first through self study and the visit from the A.C.I committee, the administration, staff, parents, and students have worked continually to achieve the goals as outlined in the qualifications of the agency. Self-improvement and self-evaluation based upon data-driven decision making has remained a top priority for Lighthouse Baptist Academy. Administrators, teachers, students, and parents are relied upon to answer the question: “Is our school doing everything in its power to support high achievement for all of its students?” This question, in conjunction with our desire to be a testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what drives Lighthouse Baptist Academy to fulfill its expected school-wide learning results.

Colleges & Universities Recently Accepting Our Graduates: