LBA Spirit Week 2017

LBA Spirit Week 2017

LBA’s spirit week is off to a great start!

Disney Day was a huge success on Monday. Princesses, jedis, and even Mary Poppins showed up to display their school spirit!

In the elementary costume contest, Madeline Gammage won 1st place as the Queen of Hearts, Autumn Wruck won 2nd as Snow White, and Ashlyn Te
well won 3rd as Olaf from Frozen.

In the middle school competition, Kate Jun won 1st place as Mulan, Brandon Ainsworth won 2nd as the Mad Hatter, and Jillian Sanchez won 3rd as Jane from Tarzan.

In the high school competition, Maddie Crowley won first place as Darla from Finding Nemo, Makayla Sanchez won 2nd as the Matchmaker from Mulan, and A.J. Knight won 3rd as Walt Disney himself!

Yesterday, the students showed their patriotism for USA day! We saw everything from painted faces to tie-dyed shirt to an appearance from President Donald Trump! Each student who dressed up earned points for their team.

Today is Career Day! Be sure to help your students dress for their dream job, and don’t forget to send change in with them for the Penny Wars! We’ve had great participation so far, but it’s still anyone’s game. Remember pennies add points for your team while other coins and paper money take away points from the other team!